• Released 10 hours per week of

    GP consultation time
    Opportunity to increase practice

    list size by 1150+ patients.

What is the General Practice Improvement                 Programme?

The General Practice Improvement Programme (GPIP) provides fast, practical improvement to help reduce pressures and release efficiencies within general practice. 

Working through 7 high impact areas, and following a 'Teach, Simulate, Do' philosophy, practice staff are empowered to make real and lasting change that benefits both patients and practice staff.

The Programme: 

  • Creates headspace for practices working their way through current and future pressures.
  • We work with clinicians and staff to identify and strip out wasteful activities.
  • Provides Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) with a practical way of demonstrating value to practice members
  • GPIP creates more time, and time is the most precious commodity in a modern practice.
  • Solving real operational headaches for a practice, de-personalising emotive issues and building improvement confidence.


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Fast Practical Improvement to help your practices.

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